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The Harmonicist


Born Sisters positively put on their best ever show Saturday at Kruetz Creek Vineyards.  The weather was awesome, the crowd was large..and ready, the band was tight, and the sound engineer they hired did a spectacular job.  What more could you ask for?  Wine you say?  Yes, there was lots of wine!  The night was perfect on every level. roulette online gambling blackjack

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I managed to walk away with a nice variety of images from the day.  From the short list of my besties, the image I featured here is my favorite of the day.  While not a Born Sister, Brian is a born cousin to the girls…and lead guitarist for the band.  When not leading the way on his Fender guitar, he intermittently picks up duties on banjo, acoustic guitar, bass, and as shown here….harmonica.  He’s got skillz!



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